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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
I want to slowly kiss your lips (then bite them),
I want to fondle your breasts (then twist your nipples),
I want to caress your neck (then squeeze your throat),
I want to gaze into your eyes (then call you my fucktoy),
I want to entwine my fingers in yours (then tie your wrists above your head),
I want to tease my fingertips up your inner thighs (then smack your ass until it's red),
I want to lick your pussy (and I want you to beg),
I want to make you cum for me (but not until I tell you to),
I want to hear you moan (and tell me you're my fuck slut),
I want you to make me cum (and beg me for my seed inside you),
I want us to collapse into eachother enjoying our pleasure (and I want you to clean my cock with your mouth, as I tell you what a good girl you are)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
I was talking to a friend the other day describing what I wanted to do with her when we met. She was interested in public play, and me being the naughty man that I am decided to amp it up a bit.

I told her we would go out to a nice Sushi joint I know of, where the music is loud and there are booths as well as tables and a bar. I would have us seated at a booth, and right away I would slowly tease my fingertips up her skirt, and then down her mound in an upside down V, never touching her clit or slit.

I would tell her ahead of time to not cry out while I tease her or else she will be punished and not get her reward. I would have a regularly conversation while this is occurring, talking about the menu, the décor, other patrons, etc. All the while teasing until she is wet enough so I can slide a finger inside her, wetten it, then slowly start to circle her clit.

This would go on for awhile, and at one point, I would deftly take her chop sticks, and slide them up her pussy to marinate. Still talking, enjoying our sake, until our food comes. Thanking the server, I'd slide her chopsticks out slowly, then allow her to eat, watching her as her food mingles with her sweet nectar. I'd also have her feed me one of her rolls so I too can enjoy her wetness.

At any time she cries out, or becomes noticeably sexual, I'd take the flat of my hand and smack her clit, asking her if she's alright, expecting her to say yes, and not stopping until she does.

Eventually we'd finish our meal, and once my erection subsides, leave the restaurant (hopefully without her skirt being soaked, but not really caring either way at that point). If she was deemed to be a good girl, I'd tell her how proud I am and for a reward take her someplace locally within walking distance (I'd scout ahead of time), and ask her if she needs to cum for me.

Exposing her breasts, I'd press her against a building, lift up her skirt, and slide myself inside her, grabbing her hair in my hand, smacking her ass, and eventually grabbing her throat until we both cum explosively.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
I love oral sex, both giving and receiving. But more than that, I love to slowly tease a woman, build her desire up and up until she is begging to be fucked. That wild animal gaze, the raw desire, I truly enjoy building and making that in my partner. Below is an example of what I like to do, enjoy!

I'd spread your legs with my hands slowly sliding them up your inner thighs, caressing your sensitive flesh, as I slide your body down towards me, cupping your ass and hips as I do so. Once positioned, my hands slide up and down your body, fingertips raking across flesh.

My tongue sliding up your left inner thigh and just as I reach where your thigh meets your pussy, I switch sides and slide my tongue up your right inner thigh. Staring up at you, watching your reaction, I slowly twirl my index fingers around your nipples, circling around the edges as I tease up your thighs. Finally lowering myself, I reach my arms under your legs and over so my hands slide up and down your body, continuing to caress your body from underneath.

As I continue to tease your nipples, I flatten my tongue and slowly slide it up your lips, starting where your thighs meet your labia, in slow deliberate strokes. I deftly avoid your clit and hold your hips as you try to move to my tongue. I alternate sides with each stroke getting closer to your slit.

After doing this for what seems like eternity, I come within contact of your slit, and then curl my tongue and slowly slide it from the bottom of your pussy up to your clit, collecting your juices on my tongue and moaning at your taste.

I quickly flick over your clit at the end of my stroke, and smile up at you as you moan. With a hand on your stomach, I slide my right arm back down and slide my index finger inside you. I circle the inside of your outer lips, just to the first knuckle as I circle my tongue around your clit, over your hood, around the sides, over your lips and back around never quite touching but circling closer. I hold your stomach in such a way that your hips are immobile and my thumb pulls back at your mound so your clit is forcibly exposed. My hot breath caressing your wet exposed pussy and clit.

My finger after circling your outer lips for a time starts to circle to your inner lips, pushing against your seal. My tongue getting closer to your clit, my index finger slides inside you and I begin to pump up the front of your pussy then pushing up towards your stomach, I pull down massaging down past your gspot. My tongue finally starts to brush against the edges of your clit as I lightly circle it around, still holding your hips so you cannot control the pressure.

More of my tongue comes into contact as I slide a second finger inside you and pump your gspot. Harder and harder I pump, making you buck and moan intensely. My tongue now circling around and over your clit, flicking it with abandon. As your pleasure builds, and your pussy opens telling me you are about to cum, I suddenly suck your whole clit and hood into my mouth, lightly holding the base between my teeth.

While in my mouth and sucking, I quickly and lightly flick the tip of my tongue over your clit, eyes lost in lust as I stare up at you cumming for me. My fingers hammer up into your gspot as you cum, waves of intense pleasure build and release, but I don't let up. I force you past your orgasm into another, and another and another, until you are pushing me off of you.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
You setup a date at a hotel for the two of us. You arrive first and prepare. This no ordinary date though, you have arrived first, and made yourself ready for me. You have some restraints and tied yourself to the bed, your arms locked over your head, your naked body exposed, your legs spread and ready for me. All of the thoughts and anticipation making you swell and drip for me. You want to be ready for me to ravage.

To make it even more exciting, before you set the restraints, you placed a blindfold on. You wait, unable to touch yourself, the air conditioning your only caress.

Finally you hear a click at the door and your heart jumps. The anticipation of being taken and mine almost too much to bear. You hear steps into the room, a yummy sound, then the sounds of disrobing. A tongue starts up your inner calf, up your thigh, then back down the other leg, avoiding your swollen dripping pussy. You moan and writhe but are unable to do anything except be his toy completely.

He kisses his way up your stomach, to your breasts, and slowly drags his tongue around each nipple. Finally giving the tip a flick of the tongue, a long suck, and a pop. He grabs your throat and kisses you softly at first, passion building as you writhe and moan into his kiss. He slides a finger inside you startling you, then holds it under your nose forcing you to smell your arousal. He drags it across your lips then kisses you deeply, sharing your sweetness.

You hear movement and the bed shifting, then suddenly his cock head is at your lips, precum coating them. You instinctively moan and open for him. His cock sliding inside as his fingers start to toy with your pussy lips and circle around your clit. You try to pay attention to his cock but are distracted by the building orgasm as he toys with you.
You know what he wants. When you can no longer take his pussy teasing, you pull your head from his cock and beg. Please fuck me, I need your cock inside me. I need to cum all over your cock. He grabs you by the throat again and whispers "Good girl" into your ear and then licks around the edge.

Grabbing your hips and pulling you down slightly you recall how open and prone you are, how he has complete control over you, his hands wrapped around your hips. His cock head teases up and down your pussy as you writhe. You instinctively pull your legs back to give him better access, moaning and needing him inside you.

As he slides inside you, you wrap your legs around him and pull him deep with your heels in his ass. He groans at the perfect sensation of being engulfed inside you. Throbbing and thick, you can tell he is very aroused. He grinds his hips and throbs inside you, letting you feel how excited he is in you, then slowly starts to pump into you. The room filled with the sound of two bodies coming together. You cry out, and can't stop. You cum for him, but he keeps fucking you. Over and over taking you.

Finally he can take no more. His cock so big inside you, he grabs your throat and kisses you hard. Pumping increasing he finally explodes deep inside you, the convulsing of him in you sends you over the edge and you break the kiss to scream.


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